Women's Rights

  • Women’s Rights: No one has the right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. That is a decision for the woman and her doctor or anyone else SHE chooses to help her make that decision. That does not belong in the hands of law makers.
  • Prior to Roe vs Wade women had abortions in un-sanitized areas which presented health risks.
  • Contraception should be covered in insurance just as men’s enhancement. Contraception not covered can be a health risk
  • A women’s pay should be equal to a man’s if they do the same job.
  • The glass ceiling needs to be crushed.
  • Women should be free from sexual and psychological harassment in the work place and at home.
  • Sex trafficking and child sex trafficking is detrimental to the minds of children and adults. Trauma is a lifelong debilitating action that manifests in various forms.
  • Our laws need to be stronger against perpetrators of sex trafficking, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual molestation as it affect us all; even when we are unaware of its impact. It is about power and control. We need stronger laws in the prevention, education, and punishment of these crimes.