Let Me Be Very Blunt I am not interested in being a career politician.

I am running as a candidate for WA U.S. Senate 2018. We are in drastic times therefore; drastic measures have to be taken to protect jobs, people, food, clothing, shelter, isms, land, water, children, healthcare, our civil rights, legal rights, voting rights for now and generations to come. Our current federally elected officials have become corporately owned and no longer fight for the people. I am aware many Democrats feel they have little to no power in the current administration. In some ways our elected officials are correct and in other ways they are not. It is my belief and the belief of many people across the U.S; they set themselves up to be in this situation knowingly or unknowingly. When they had the power to make changes it was not done.

Our elected officials chose to put their will before the people for political and monetary gain. It is thus understandable why people have stopped voting; they no longer believe in the government. People no longer believe we have a government that works for the people and will stand by the people. Since I am one of the people and not trying to move up the political ladder unless my work pushes me up, I am not for sale now, have never been for sale, and never will be for sale.

I wish I felt the same passion from our elected officials in DC but I don’t. In spite of my respect and past working relationships with our US Senators and some members of the U.S. House, what is best for the people is not always what is best for them or the party. It could not be more apparent than in their insistence on pushing through the Trans Pacific Partnership Fair (Free) Trade agreement in 2016, or determined not to push for Single Payer/Medicare for all currently. It could not be more apparent with Maria's Cantwell's bill to increase fracking when anyone can Google fracking and see the destruction it causes in the earth's floor. The disasters countries have faced through various storms rising from the vast bodies of water across the world. It is evident as more millionaires are created, prison populations are increasing, poverty and homelessness increases, teachers are a part of the working poor and unable to fully educate our children, job are decreasing and seniors have to choose between food and medication. I am aware we hear more people are employed and $45 wants to take credit but a few things to consider. One, when people no longer receive unemployment checks, they are no longer counted as unemployed. It does not matter if they are working or not. Two, new jobs were created and it takes longer than 7 months from start to employment for that to happen. Three, if unemployment is going down in Wa state, why is homelessness and poverty going up? 

As I drove across Western, WA in 2016, it became very apparent how the NAFTA trade agreement negatively impacted people across Washington State. Trade is a necessity and to think otherwise would be foolish but trade needs to be fair, not free. Trade needs to be in the best interest of the citizens of America and the businesses, not just the businesses. Speaking with individuals about the impact on housing, jobs, and a life now gone, I was determined the TPP was not going to happen if I could do anything to stop it. I became informed, went to rally’s, posted information on Facebook and shared across our state and other states. I then held an information session in Tacoma taught by Washington Fair Trade in an attempt to educate the public. I heard the TPP was NAFTA on steroids. The impact would have been a far greater devastation to our labor force in WA State and across the US than NAFTA.  People were unaware this trade agreement was created predominantly by corporations and attorneys looking out for profits. People were unaware the best interest of shareholders were at the table and we the people were on the menu.

My push became a passion when I discovered 80% of Americans were unaware of the existence of the TPP, according to the Washington Fair Trade, and Senators Murray and Cantwell were in the back pushing hard to get it passed in the Senate. Heck, Kilmer, and DelBene were working in the House. In spite of the deleterious effects of the NAFTA trade deal on Washingtonians, and the negative impact of the new TPP on food, medicine, jobs, lawsuits, and being created by lobbyists, attorneys, and corporate leaders, still supported the TPP.  It is unfortunate the current administration had to stop the TPP to protect American jobs when Democrats are supposed to do that. I was just happy the TPP had been stopped only now to have the current administration working to do another hidden trade deal.  If #45's future is indicative of his past, what we face could be worse than the TPP.

We need people in office who support the people. There has not been one nominee selected by the Trump administration that has shown a propensity to work for all people.  There has not been one nominee who has experience in putting the people before profits therefore; unlike our current Senators, there is not one person I would have voted for and not one, I would not have spoken out loudly against. Trump will be selecting more Supreme Court Justices. We need people in the Senate to represent the people and not corporations. We need people who cannot be bought. We need people not afraid to take a stand against the party politics and for the people.

We need Jennifer Gigi Ferguson. I have prioritized my life to serve people. I am blessed to have been exposed to many groups of people across my life span.  It is my life and life’s experiences that makes me equipped and prepared to handle the job I am currently seeking, Washington US Senator.


Thank you.

Jennifer GiGi Ferguson

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