Who is Jennifer Gigi Ferguson?

Jennifer, known by family and friends as Gigi, grew up on the South side of Chicago.  Gigi is the only girl of 6 children.  They lost their mother to cancer before Gigi was 8. The siblings were separated which has tremendously impacted almost every aspect of their lives

Jennifer understands the power behind education.  Gigi was a part of the bussing program in Chicago during her elementary school years where Black students were bused to White schools which taught her tenacity and strength.  Gigi attended public schools and catholic schools graduating from St. Mary’s Academy in Nauvoo, Illinois.  After graduation, she attended Austin Peay State University and played on the women’s golf team while majoring in Business Administration.  Unable to find a job in Tennessee, she drove every weekend to Chicago for work until she was able to obtain employment in Tennessee.

Jennifer met and married her current husband Charles, while he was stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY; home of the 101st Air Borne Division while attending Austin Peay.  Charles a 22 year Vietnam veteran, love of her life, and father of their 3 grown sons married in 1978. They are of the Christian faith and have lived in Tacoma, on Ft. Lewis, in Lakewood, and finally in University Place for over 30 years.

Jennifer attended college while in Germany and was appointed assistant mayor in their military housing. She received her BA at Evergreen State College, Tacoma Branch with a liberal Arts degree because of her prior matriculation in Business Administration, Business Management, Computer Science and Military Science at Austin Peay, and other universities in Europe.  Her MA in Psychology; Marriage and Family Therapy was obtained from Chapman University on JBLM. Jennifer sees learning as a lifelong process and has therefore received training in the Human Service field at Tacoma Community College, training at the YWCA for Domestic Violence, traveled to California to attend conferences and workshops taught by those who wrote the curriculum she studied in her master's program.  Gigi believes "Education is not only about learning and expanding our knowledge but it teaches us how to learn and how to think critically."

While in Germany, Jennifer worked as a federal employee for the Department of Defense.  Stateside, she worked for the Social Security Administration, and Sears before returning to a homemaker and community volunteer.  Jennifer has been a small business owner hiring at risk youth, pregnant women, single teen moms and other women needing a hand up and not desiring a hand out.  She has trained them to move forward and upward in education and job skills.  

Jennifer values people, $15.00 an hour, strong unions and small businesses.  She values family, people, respect, honesty, and having food, clothing, shelter, and health care as human rights.  Jennifer values clean water and clean air.  She values education from birth to post secondary without a life of debt. She values individuals having the opportunity to work if they are able and capable. She believes people working 40 hours a week should not be living in poverty or homeless. Jennifer believes we need a pathway to citizenship without imprisonment. Jennifer believes America should have equal pay for equal work and equality and justice for all should be the norm and not the exception.

Jennifer fought against the Methanol plant in Tacoma and now the LNG plant with RedLine Tacoma. She was against the TPP which would have increased job loss, increased poverty and increased the unemployment rate as just a beginning. Jennifer believes our current national legislators are no longer voting for the people they represent but for corporations that pay to keep them in office. The recent vote against having the ability to lower medication costs by Senators Cantwell and Murray is just one vote against the people and FOR Big Pharma. Senators' Cantwell and Murray have received huge donations from Big Pharma which Gigi vigorously believes corporate money and politics should not be joined. 

Jennifer believes having a finger on the pulse of the people only happens when you are connected to the people. Connection only comes from being an active member in the community and having a track record of community service and commitment to the people.  Jennifer believes in standing up for what is right and has shown it over and again such as going to congress when the PTSD program at Madigan was shut down causing a congressional investigation by Congressman Norm Dicks before his retirement and after investigating her facts. Jennifer has been a voice for the voiceless and strength for the weak. She believes America needs a strong military to protect America but also believes no more wars for profit. The military industrial complex increases money for corporations to build military arms and the need for America to be in war. It does not increase the money to support veterans and families after they return from war. Jennifer believes the black snake (oil) is killing us, our land, water, and our children's healthy future.

In her work as a mental health provider, Gigi has worked with youth on drugs, youth in gangs, women as domestic violence victims, and families who have lost their children to the state for many reasons. Jennifer is a hard worker and committed to making this a better place than she found it.  Jennifer is committed to her faith which causes her to touch hearts, minds and lives where she goes. 

If this is what you desire in a U.S. Senator, then you desire to have Jennifer, and she desires to serve you! Jennifer's role as a Bernie Sanders delegate does not define who she is however; it is who Jennifer is that gave her the opportunity to be a delegate.

Will you support her by joining our grassroots campaign, getting to know Gigi for yourself, and making a donation of $27.00.  We can do this, together! 

You can find more about what Jennifer desires to do and has done in her platform.