Veterans and Military

Military: We oppose:
The military Industrial Complex and Wars for Profit.
We oppose the pork added to military bills.
We oppose the use of our military resources in unauthorized, unjustified, and/or pre-emptive wars.
We oppose the production, testing, stockpiling and use of nuclear, biological, chemical, or “depleted” uranium (dU) weapon systems.
We oppose the use of active sonar in the Salish Sea and other U.S. coastal waters;
We opposeU.S. training of foreign military or police forces that suppress human rights in their own countries.
We oppose the suppression of human rights in America.

Veterans: War is costly and it does not end when a war is over or military return home.
The cost of war continues for generations.
The active duty person and their family members deal with the realities of war long after the war is over.
We must take care of our veterans and their family members. T
The military spending budget is not inclusive of veterans, their medical or the family. It needs to be.
Under this administration the healthcare budget has been cut for veterans causing extreme financial burdens
When Jennifer speaks of the issues, she's speaking on proper treatment for physical and mental health of previously deployed veterans having PTSD and other acute mental health disorders, their spouse and family members potentially having secondary trauma. We have to take a closer look at how a previously deployed veteran's trauma effects the home which effects the community. Many spouses, and children of our veterans, active and retired, suffer secondary trauma without being aware of the trauma and its impact on the family. More services, awareness, education, and treatment is Gun Lawsneeded for the veteran and the family.

Veterans Affairs and the military have become aware that women suffer differently than men in war zones and at home. Both agencies have also become aware many families are negatively impacted by the trauma of having a loved one deployed.
By not fully addressing the issues in the beginning will cause deeper wounds and broken families. These are real issues affecting many military and veterans families. If it is not addressed fully now, we will suffer the consequences later as we can see with our Vietnam Veterans high rates of homelessness and suicides. Current homelessness data shows more than 50% of suicides and homelessness stems from our Vietnam veterans; what will that look like for veterans and families having been deployed in war over the past ten plus years?