The Issues Are Real

Jennifer GiGi Ferguson on the issues:

" I BELIEVE…in a living wage is needed now, with cost of living adjustment yearly to match current cost of living in each state. Let's be real; in 2016 over 46 million people lived below the poverty line in America. The majority of those are women and children. Many Black/Brown and poor White men are sitting in private prisons because of the unjust systemic racial injustice in the criminal and judicial systems. This leaves women and children without a male figure in the home helping to provide financially and be the male many desire to be and our youth need. This injustice must end."

"We can find a way to achieve a living wage and not put the small business owner out of business, but we all have to work together. Having been a small business owner myself, I certainly understand the hardships. However, equal pay for equal work is a necessity and making sure people working 40 plus hours a week are not living in poverty while the top 1 and 2% continue to gain wealth off the backs of their workers."

"We need a federal jobs guarantee."

"Single Payer medical for all will cover all medical expenses to include medications, dental, eyes, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and Eastern medical treatment if that is an individual's desire."  Pharmaceutical drugs are killing us and creating a drug impacted society. There are healthier and better ways to care for people and we must have the opportunities to utilize them by legalizing cannabis and changing its classification so it can be tested for its medicinal purchases and people not imprisoned for usage.

" We cannot ignore prominent issues such as domestic violence and human trafficking, which is never acceptable yet prominent in Washington state."

" A woman's right to choose is a moral and personal decision and has no place in law makers hands. Single payer will take care of this." For those who say they do not want to pay for women's contraception yet stay quiet on pills to help men procreate... People who do not want to pay for abortions yet pay for children in poverty or not, pay for children in foster care, are paying more in the long run and opening the doors to the potential abuse of children in the home or in foster care. It is the children that suffer." 

" The House and Senate have moved America from a Republic which is people centered and into a democracy which is corporate centered. We need the Republic back but that will only happen by taking money out of politics and voting out elected officials who listen to corporations and not the people. It is time to take our country back America     "

" American unions were created to protect employees and create a strong middle class. No unions, no middle class." No unions equal greater poverty. No unions equal less bargaining power and unsafe working conditions. Weak unions means less benefits and support for injured workers to be compensated appropriately.

" Every soldier and their family should have mental and physical healthcare, along with education and job opportunities, with the assurance, America stands behind them."

" Social Security is not negotiable." No vouchers or privatization. Had legislators and corporations not held back on raising the minimum wage since 1970, our economy and people would be in better financial shape. Reverse mortgages would be non-existent. Social Security would be solvent. Home ownership would be greater with more homes passed down through generations. This has come from both parties equally. 

" Education is a vital key in assuring America's future. Children need tools to compete on a global scale and prepared for jobs yet to be created. Public education is a fundamental need and must meet the needs of all children of all abilities, ethnicities, and social economic status equally."

" College students do not need lifetime tuition debt. Debt free college tuition for families earning under $125,000 a year"

" Small businesses are a vital part of our economic growth and structure."

America has laws that continues to perpetrate negatively on People of Color and poor White people.  We need a Green New Deal, a 21st Century Glass Steagall Act, giving Black people full rights as citizens on a national level which will protect their voting rights. We need to return to paper ballots, remove Superdelegates putting the power back into the hands of the people where it was always suppose to be. 

America needs someone willing to take the charge and make America the country we can ALL be proud to call home. I am willing to accept that challenge. Will you fight with me?  Will you commit to vote for me between August 1 and Aug 7 2018?  Will you commit to helping Team Gigi by financially donating and volunteering to take us up and beyond?

- Jennifer GiGi Ferguson

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