Jennifer Needs Your Help to Stop the Gridlock!

America wants change, the only way to stop the gridlock and this vicious cycle is to support individuals running for office that are independent thinkers. Individuals that will not play party politics with children and families while corporate greed grows. We need someone willing to stand for the people they serve; even if it means standing alone. Ms. Jennifer GiGi Ferguson is accepting that challenge. Her life's work has been serving children and families in the tenches and in their communities, not sitting behind a desk thinking about what should be done, but with boots on the ground doing what needs to be done. Many politicians can't say that they truly know the challenges of the communities they represent, and Ms. Ferguson believes that is not acceptable. Ms. Jennifer GiGi Ferguson is running for U.S. Representative, Congress for Washington State's 10th Congressional District. She's stepping up to the plate to assure the voices of the people of Washington State are heard. 

Ms. Ferguson represents the peoples best interest. Her goal is to make progressive change to place the people before politics. But, making it to Congress means she needs your support. Will you consider donating $10.00 today?

Before seeking election into office Ms.Ferguson has not only been a leader within her community and state, but other communities in various other state's as well. She doesn't believe in sitting back while watching others fall; you can count on her to be there. Simply put, she's not a stranger to hard work and dedication to the cause. She's put in the ground work , donating time understanding the needs of the people of Washington State to better serve as U.S. Representative. Ms. Ferguson has spent many years bridging the gap between homelessness, unemployment, education and self-sufficiency. Advocating for veterans, the level of care received, and to get congress to understand the high price of war. Working with children and families restoring family unity. When Ms. Ferguson found out about the high rate of sex-trafficking in Washington State and throughout the United States, she began bringing awareness to the community about the high presence of sex-trafficking and developing ideas on how to reduce sex-trafficking and its effects on our community. She's hard at work ensuring all rights are protected under legislation and the real issues aren't ignored.When the desperate need for housing was brought to her attention Ms. Jennifer GiGi Ferguson took the opportunity volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in both Washington State and New Orleans to help build homes.

There are real solutions available now. Your contribution will go far ensuring a U.S. Representative is in office that protects your best interests., but also the lives of our children and grandchildren. 

If you don't live in the 10th Congressional District, or in Washington State, Ms. Ferguson still asks for your support. What we are learning more than ever before, what effects one state effects us all.  Donate to a candidate you can trust. A candidate you know has a proven track record, gives back, demonstrating the ability and will put the people first.  

Will you consider donating $10 (or more if you desire) today to the Friends of Jennifer GiGi Ferguson Campaign to show your support and help Jennifer push her campaign forward?


donate to Friends of Jennifer GiGi Ferguson Campaign today!

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