As a woman that grew up during an era of segregation, some towns still had on the books, Blacks had to be out of town by sun down. I'm extremely blessed to have had the opportunities I've had in life. It is unacceptable to me that in 2018, we are still fighting the same fight to treat all people equally. It's unacceptable that most of our government is beholden to corporations and not the people. It's unacceptable that our children are graduating from high school unable to read and write, or think critically, thus widening the opportunity gap. It is unacceptable children are being ripped from parents fleeing to safety. It is unacceptable that Black and Brown refugees are treated as criminals where as people coming from countries rich in natural resources or of a lighter complexion have a much easier time obtaining citizenship and Green Cards. It is unacceptable how people in Congress are allowing Mr. Trump to run this country in a manner closely resembling a 3rd world country or dictatorship unchecked.   It is unacceptable how people who say they are Christians take away food, clothing, and shelter forcing poverty upon Americans who have no idea what is happening around them.  America is unacceptable and the leadership in America is the problem.

 America was founded on the principles of limited government, personal responsibility, and equal opportunities for all.  Unfortunately, career politicians in Washington are causing lasting damage to our nation's very foundation with out of control spending, run away deficits, a broken immigration system, an education system that no longer prepares the younger generation to compete on local or global scale, hatred, racism, modern slavery, and an ever growing military budget & trade deficits.

 The corruption and cronyism in our political system has hindered peoples’ ability to break glass ceilings, get to glass ceilings, or even make a living wage. This has hindered our nation's prosperity, creativity and infrastructure.  I stood with American Unions and against the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Deal (TPP)! I worked to educate the citizens of Washington State of the dangers to our way of life if the TPP was passed. I am still concerned about the possible trade deals by another name and the impact to American workers. Water is life and cannot be restored when polluted. Money cannot restore our water or our land once destroyed. I stood with the Dakota tribe in NO DAPL. In Tacoma I stood against No methanol and No LNG (Liquid Nitrogen Gas).  We need green industry to create Green jobs for a green future, and training and retraining for current workers. Please remember when a politician says "I am still thinking about it" they mean my answer is not what you want to hear. Currently, that means fossil fuel, high prescription drug prices, soaring medical bills that cause more bankruptcies in America than any single item and more wars for profit. That does not speak to massive immigration issues we face as a country.

I desire to be a new voice for the people of Washington, to ensure the American Dream becomes a reality for all people in America and not just a few.

Join our team as we seek to unite the citizens of Washington State and America behind a common goal, achieving sustainable prosperity and opportunities for all.  A political revolution is placing People Before Politics and working hard for people to get America on track. We need reparations for our past and build a future for generations to build upon.  “Together, the sky is the limit.”

- Jennifer GiGi Ferguson

#The Peoples Politician





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