As a woman that grew up during an era of segregation, people of color had to be in the house by sun down, I'm extremely blessed to have had the opportunities I've had in life. It is unacceptable to me that in 2017, we are still fighting the same fight to treat all people equally. It's unacceptable that most of our government is beholden to corporations and not the people. It's unacceptable that our children are graduating from high school unable to read and write, or think critically widening the opportunity gap.


America was founded on the principles of limited government, personal responsibility, and equal opportunity for all.  Unfortunately, career politicians in Washington are causing lasting damage to our nation's very foundation with out of control spending, run away deficits, a broken immigration system, an education system that no longer prepares the younger generation to compete on local or global scale, and an ever growing budget & trade deficits.  


The corruption and cronyism in our political system is threatening our nation's prosperity.  I have a firm stance on fair trade not free trade. I stood with American Unions and against the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Deal (TPP)! I worked to educate the citizens of Washington State of the dangers to our way of life if the TPP was passed. I am still concerned about the possible trade deals by another name, will do the same, if not more harm to American workers. Water is life and can not be restored when polluted. Money can not restore our water or our land once destroyed. I stood with the Dakota tribe in NO DAPL. In Tacoma I have stood against No methanol and No LNG (Liquid Nitrogen Gas).  We need green industry to create Green jobs for a green future. Please remember when a politician says "I am still thinking about it" they mean my answer is not what you want to hear.

I want to be a new voice for the people of Washington, to ensure the American Dream is alive and thriving again for all Americans. 

Join me, as I seek to unite the citizens of Washington State and America behind a common goal, achieving sustainable property and opportunity for all Americans. A political revolution is placing People Before Politics and working hard for people to get America back on track; that is my commitment to the American people and that is exactly what I will do.

- Jennifer GiGi Ferguson

#The Peoples Politician




 Operational Risk Management

I believe the American economy is stronger when small businesses can grow and all Americans feel safe. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, every effort should be taken to make sure small business are protected by means and sustainability.

I will work passionately for:

Small Businesses ability to thrive:

  • Ensure government intrusion does not impede small business development and growth.


  • Small businesses have the opportunity for import/export support


Protection for Tax Payers:

  • Ensure tax payers funds are used in a responsible way and not abused by elected and government employees.


  • Ensure tax payers are protected and aren't burdened to account for government employee misconduct and government lawsuits.


Soldiers and Their Families are Protected:

  •  Maintain a strong military force for America's safety, yet stand for peace; war is the last resort. No more wars for profit!  Our military and their families have sacrificed for corporate greed for too long - enough is enough!


Congress to set a Standard to Enforce Good Policing Practices and Criminal Justice Reform:

The Department of Justice warns against and opposes volatile allegations of unwarranted police use of deadly force against citizens. However, Congress must begin to set a higher standard to ensure good policing practices are the principals and values protected under the Constitution. It's apparent the current practices are not working. Additionally, Criminal Justice Reform needs to happen now. I will work to ensure Criminal Justice Reform is a top priority.

I will work passionately to ensure:


  •  Congress assesses the risk involved in bad policing practices.


  • Congress works to bridge the gap between police and the community.


  •  Reverence for all human life and safeguarding the guarantees of the Constitution and laws of the United States are important values in policing.


  •  Tighter wording in laws on the a use of deadly force that afford maximum protection to officers and citizens.


  • Stop the Pipeline to prison. Stop 21st Century slavery. Close Private Prisons 



  • Reinstate the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, without infringing upon the Second Amendment.


  • Reinstate the Voting Rights Act



  • Embrace as clearly as possible the protection of individual life, liberty, peaceful and stable society is a necessity.


  • Minorities are not treated disproportionately.


  • NO TPP, NO DAPL, Fair Trade and not Free Trade



Workforce Development

I believe education and preparation is what our country needs to employ people today and a global economy tomorrow. With the economic downturn, sequestration and government shutdown, many families in Washington State and the United States have found themselves struggling with foreclosures, layoffs, and the loss of their life savings. This has moved many families from a comfortable middle class or working class to close to poverty, or impoverished. A decrease in family income and cutting unemployment compensation has caused an increase in the amount of individuals and families in homeless shelters and on the streets. We can do better by raising minimum wage now.

I will work passionately to ensure:

  • Congress makes a commitment to the people and provide the assurance for all American people have a fair shot at equitable employment opportunities.


  • The American people have a stable workforce and economic stability.


  • A commitment is made to prepare today's workforce for tomorrow's economy.


  •  A commitment made to prepare students today for tomorrow's global economy. 


  •  Assurance that a fair chance is given to every person who wishes to contribute to the formal economy.


  • Equal pay for equal work; that Congress addresses the disproportionate wage gap between gender and race, and the lack of equality for women in the workforce. Equal pay for equal work.


  • A raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour happens immediately, not over three years, with a plan to assist small businesses with a smooth transition.



Fiduciary Duty

I believe wages that allow people to pay for food, clothing, shelter, medical and dental, without subsidies, is not a privilege but a right. When one accepts the responsibility, or takes a oath of their sworn duty to protect the people; one must also be held accountable.

I will work to ensure:

  • Elected Officials are held accountable the same as business executives.


  • A commitment is made to protect consumers and their loved ones from unscrupulous bank and retirement advisers. 


  • Wage equity to assure tomorrow's economic stability.  No TPP  No DAPL


  • When Congress commits to war, the same commitment must be made as to the high price of war. No more wars for profit.


  • Health Equity: physical, mental, and dental; not separate, but equal. Single payer medical.


  • Campaign Finance Reform is passed, Citizens United is overturned, we get big money out of politics and restore democracy.