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Jennifer Gigi Ferguson's responses to many issues we face today. Learn about Jennifer's vision and what she will fight for as Wa State U.S. Senator

Congress has shown an inability to protect our children and grandchildren. We have to take charge and begin making the changes we want to see. Many college graduate’s incomes do not allow for payment of high interest loans. What happens when your child and their spouse have college debt to pay and children to raise? We need to invest in our children and grandchildren's futures now, by electing legislators more concerned about putting "People Before Politics, and who are willing to work across the aisle for a stronger America. We hear constantly that Social Security is running out of money. I see two reasons for this. First, elected officials have not been good stewards of our tax dollars. Taxes collected for social security today are being spent to pay today's debt, not secured as Social Security benefits to be paid in the future to those who have earned it. And second, low wages means less income paid into Social Security.

 Since the early 1980's (Republican presidents) there has been a great transfer of wealth from the middle class and poor to those who are now the wealthiest in this country. In fact, despite huge advancements in technology and productivity, many Americans work longer hours, more days for lower wages. The median income for women since 2007 has dropped over $1300 whereas the median income for men has dropped about $780. less than it was around 40 years ago.  

In recent years unscrupulous banks, mortgage companies, and retirement advisers have caused many families to lose their homes, their savings, their jobs and their investments. This has caused an increase in adult children moving back home to live with their parents, sometimes with their families. It has caused an increase in families being homeless, with increased need for shelters and food banks. Many people, young and old, male and female, black, white, and brown, are feeling hopeless and angry.  This increases crime rates, drug addiction and depression, leading to more children and young people facing felony convictions, which typically disqualifies them for employment and ability to sustain a family. It has become a vicious cycle.  There is something seriously wrong when the top 1% owns more wealth than the bottom 130 million americans.

The only way to stop the gridlock and this vicious cycle is to support individuals running for office who are independent thinkers, and who will not play party politics with children and families while corporate greed grows. We need someone willing to stand up for the people they serve, even if it means standing alone. I am this person. I have lived a life of serving children and families in the trenches with them, hands on. Not sitting behind a desk thinking about what should be done, but out in the communities, with boots on the ground, seeing and doing what needs to be done. I have taken a stance against injustice for men, women, children and families. I may be soft-spoken, but I get the job done, which uniquely positions me to take these issues to the highest level and to be able to work across the aisle as your U.S. Senator.

Please remember, this President will select up to 4 Supreme Court Justices during their time in office.  We already know those currently in office will approve whomever is suggested if the right party.  We need to be at the table and stop being on the menu.


I am asking you today, right now, to invest in your children and grandchildren's futures by making a committment to show there are individuals and families willing to say, “my children and grandchildren are more important than party politics.” A vote for Jennifer Gigi Ferguson is a vote for our future and the revolution to give America back to the people and not the top 1%.


I am Jennifer Gigi Ferguson and I approve this message.


 As Jennifer campaigns across Washington State, she will be listening to adults, children, teens, seniors, veterans, business owners, community leaders, and individuals and families. She will learn through the people about their issues, which will most likely be not only problems across Washington State but issues that impact the nation. 


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