Every American able to work and should have the opportunity to work.

Washington State is an “at will” state which means people can be fired at will. A boss does not like your hair, your complexion. This can be a good thing for employers and employees who are not doing their jobs. This can also be used as a form of racism and often is.

When people are able to be employed and take care of self and family, they feel good as an individual.
When individuals are making salaries that allow them to support a family, it cuts down on drinking, addictions, crimes in the communities, and increases safety.

This is one reason we must help small businesses grow and thrive. To will help pay salaries to keep employees happy. A happy employee is a great employee and asset to the business.

Taxes collected from small business owners and employees must be used by our government responsibly.

Injured workers must be compensated appropriately when the injury is the fault of the business. It is not the responsibility of the taxpayers to take care of employees of businesses of any size when that business has been negligent. 

ALL income should be taxed without a cap 

This will help our country pay for healthcare, education, government jobs guarentee, and building a green infrastructure for a better tomorrow.