Immigration Reform


  • Immigration Reform must be done now.
  • Congress needs to pass a good clean immigration policy for all no matter the color of your skin or the nation you are arriving from. 
  • America has policies in effect for people seeking asylum. Use them the same for all people equally.
  • What is currently happening at our borders, with men, women, and children is an atrocity and embarrassment to American.
  • This shows America's’ hypocrisy and the inhumanity of the current administration. They must be stopped by any means necessary.
  • DACA should not be difficult. As minors they were brought over by parents.
  • They have lived in America, educated in America, worked in America, and most know nothing about home of origin.
    What is so difficult about a pathway to citizenship?
  • They are not taking jobs, the private prisons are


  • In any form is wrong at any time for all people, cultures, and religious preferences
  • America must work at being more inclusive of all people and cultures. Love binds. Hatred and fear divides.
  • All laws should be written for all people in the United States.

    Slavery has not ended for far too many people, it just looks different and has different names.

    Slavery is here when police officers can legally shoot unarmed men women and children.
  • The 13th Amendment must be amended.
  • Private Prisons must end

    Until we change the laws on a national level, this will continue. 

As your Senator, representing you and placing the well-being of you, the people will be our highest priority.

We believe

in the values of community, empathy, equality, tolerance, opportunity, and the common good of the interdependent world we share. These values provide the basis for our ideals and communities in WA and across America. They should be utilized by ALL elected officials.

We CAN have a seat at the table and not be on the menu. Now that you are aware of the facts, your decisions when voting will make the difference is how you, your children, grandchildren and generations to come live. The 2018 election is vital to the 2020 Presidential election.

What do you see? How do you feel? If you desire to change it, then change how you vote. VOTE!
I ask for your vote between August 1 and August 7 2018.
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