Health care is a basic human right. Our government should assure, and guarantee by law, accessible and affordable health care for all.

  • We support universal health care and moving to a public single-payer system such as S1804, the only health care plan that will save millions of lives and save millions from financial ruin.
  • Until we get there, We support I-1600.
  • Profits should not supersede good affordable healthcare for all 
  •  Currently we do not have them.

Lower Prescription Price Drugs: 

  • We need Senators who will allow the bill signed for the NAFTA trade agreement to have limitations. There is no reason drugs manufactured in the US, packages in the US, and shipped to Canada, cannot be purchased from Canada at lower prices and shipped back to the US.
  • This only comes from Senators taking money from corporations which are not in the best interest of the people.

Women’s Rights: No one has the right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. That is a decision for the woman and her doctor or anyone else SHE chooses to help her make that decision. That does not belong in the hands of lawmakers.

  • Prior to Roe vs Wade women had abortions in un-sanitized areas which presented health risks.
  • Contraception should be covered in insurance just as men’s enhancement. Contraception not covered can be a health risk
  • A women’s pay should be equal to a man’s if they do the same job.
  • The glass ceiling needs to be crushed.
  • Women should be free from sexual and psychological harassment in the work place and at home.
  • Sex trafficking and child sex trafficking is detrimental to the minds of children and adults. Trauma is a lifelong debilitating action that manifests in various forms.
  • Our laws need to be stronger against perpetrators of sex trafficking, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual molestation as it affect us all; even when we are unaware of its impact. It is about power and control. We need stronger laws in the prevention, education, and punishment of these crimes.

Mental Health

  • Mental Health is real.  It affects everyone. Mental health must be a priority
  • Drug addiction is a serious problems that affects each of us in one way or another such as family interactions, death, and the criminal justice system which impacts taxes
  • Drug addiction is a systemic problem and needs to be addressed with mental health and not prison

Non-traditional Treatment

  • Eastern Medicines
  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncture
  • Natural Pathetic Medicine 


  • Food, clothing, and shelter as well as healthcare are basic human rights.
  • Washington State is at epidemic proportions on people living in shelters, on the streets, and encampments. This is unacceptable. We can do better and there are ways to end homelessness and create Green Houses. I am passionate about getting this done.

  • Homelessness is a public safety issue which cost state tax payers millions of dollars each year.
    We could use Federal Government grants for Green infrastructure to build safe green homes in small villages
    People can obtain the services they need to grow and thrive.

  • We will have the chronic homeless individuals because of mental health and that includes veterans. These villages can be retained for such communities.

  • Capitalism is good but when it impedes the ability to have safe affordable homes, it has crossed the line to fascism. There must be a balance.
 If elected I will do everything in my power to 
  • Funnel monies into our state  for promising local initiatives with policy and coordination, to permanently end or considerably reduce homelessness for all people.
  • Provide funding incentives and tax dollars to improve our housing stock to make our homes safer, healthier, more sustainable, and more affordable.
  • Provide safe and supportive re-entry programs for both returning veterans and people coming out of incarceration, both of whom become homeless at far higher rates than other groups.
  • Foster comprehensive mental health care that provides care where and when it’s needed, for the people who need it the most.

My goal and I hope your goal as well is a Washington and a nation where safe, affordable, resilient housing is the norm, and no one should be forced by circumstance or hard luck to live on the street. Homelessness is one of the defining issues of our times. And here in Washington we have the initiative, the creativity, the dedication, and the compassion to end it. I will take the lead with you to ensure no one is left to live or die on our streets.

  • America’s food system allows way too many pesticides, artificial ingredients, and processed gook into our bodies!
  • Obesity, diabetes, and cancer have reached record levels and we need to get our food systems back on track.
  • Human beings need healthy, nourishing food from local sources, and we need it to be as natural as possible.
  • If elected, I will do everything in my power to:
  • Support organic farmers to supply good food locally, and incentivize grocery stores and restaurants to stock their food.
  • Build on the success of Farmer’s Markets, CSAs, and other local food initiatives that provide healthy food to their communities in an equitable and affordable way.
  • Push back against the cutting of SNAP benefits or the senseless and deeply disturbing restriction of SNAP recipients to a staple box of foodstuffs
  • Promote innovation and support the integration of food production into every place in Washington State, from rural Yakima to Downtown Seattle.
  • Provide education in poor and underserved communities that allows them to grow their own food safely and inexpensively.
My goal, and I hope your goal as well is for every Washingtonian, and especially every child, to have reliable access to affordable, nutritious, local, healthy food that supports their optimum health, growth, learning, and success.
We as a nation are what we eat, and if monocrops sprayed with pesticides and fruit picked by underpaid laborers is the best we can do, we need to expand our creative thinking a little.
Washington is blessed with rich farmland, technological innovation, and skilled people who are passionate about food. We can build on our strengths to create one of the most resilient and equitable food systems in the nation. I will take the lead with you to provide fresh, nourishing food for all.

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