Green Energy and Infrastructure


  • We oppose offshore well-drilling for petroleum, and destructive techniques such as hydraulic fracturing and mountaintop removal.
  • We oppose increasing production of fossil fuels through extreme measures such as tar sands extraction, shale oil extraction and natural gas “fracking.”
  • We must begin moving from oil and fossil fuels to green energy.
  • We need Senators’ who believe the same and will not write bills to increase “fracking,” especially in the Puget Sound.
  • We need Senators' who will work to bring a strong Green infrastructure to Washington with jobs and education for jobs not yet created. Retraining for jobs lost.
  • We need Senators who will work to bring green jobs and fight against LNG and fracking
  • We need Senators who understand NOT ALL MONEY IS GOOD MONEY.
  • We need Jennifer Gigi Ferguson for our next U.S. Senator who walks the walk and talks the talk


Infrastructure systems - water, sewer, power, roads - are essential to basic human dignity and the smooth functioning of our society. But we are facing a huge backlog of repairs to our basic infrastructure, which, coupled with a massive retirement wave in the workforce, leave us positioned for huge and messy failures unless we do something about it.  If elected, I will do everything in my power to funnel monies to Washington State to:
  • Promote Values Planning and integrated design so that our infrastructure investments provide the maximum value-for-dollar. 
  • Help smaller communities to get their infrastructure upgraded and repaired by leveraging State and Federal funds and national expertise. 
  • Support workforce development programs that train and hire infrastructure operators from underserved areas, infusing stable, well-paying jobs into those communities.
  • Invest in research and design work related to green infrastructure to take care of our communities, our environment, for future generations all in one.
We have an unprecedented opportunity to decide what form our infrastructure will take. It is up to us to make the decision and invest the necessary billions of dollars in sustainable, resilient, affordable infrastructure systems rather than simply patching up. We can do this better today than 50+ years ago. Doing so will save us time, money, and failures down the line, while providing better, more equitable service across the board. I will take the lead with you to ensure that our children inherit reliable and resilient infrastructure that will provide for their basic needs, education, and jobs for decades to come.