• We oppose Charter schools and discrimination of children with disabilities, poor, or Black/Brown children.
  • We believe a quality education is necessary for all children, no matter what zip code they may reside.
  • It is our responsibility as a society to assure all children has the tools needed to not only graduate high school but prepared for the work force, vocational school, technical college, or a two or four year college.
  • Our children shall be prepared to become productive citizens
  • We support plans to help students reduce college debt, College debt forgiveness in certain cases, free and reduced college education. are created
  • We support allowing teachers¬† teaching our children the basic skills of reading, writing, basic math, science, civics, and critical thinking skills.
  • We support allowing all children the ability to not just live but thrive in the educational system no matter the zip code.
  • We need Senators' who will work to bring a strong Green infrastructure to Washington with jobs and education for jobs not yet created. Retraining for jobs lost.

There should be no reason our tech companies should need to search for employees in other countries if our educational system is doing its job.   Retraining for jobs lost and new innovations and new jobs are created.

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