Education is a vital key in assuring America’s future.  


ALL children deserve the best education available.  Over the years, Jennifer/Gigi Ferguson has had the opportunity to volunteer in the schools: co-op preschool, parent in the classroom, an active PTA board member, and being an advisory team member twice in University Place's 10 year assessment of programs and education.  She was an adjunct professor at Clover Park Technical College.  Jennifer has also worked with at risk boys in an after school program in Tacoma.  She believes in setting high standards for all students and helping them reach higher than they think possible.  Praise children to success.  She is committed to ensuring schools offer strong, high quality educational programs for every student to prepare them for a global tomorrow.   


To provide early childhood education and parental training beginning during pregnancy  

To teach parents how to effectively interact and advocate for their children in the educational system

To allow all children to gain tools to compete on a local, national and global scale

K-12 education should prepare all students to think critically and be prepared for college, and jobs for today and those of tomorrow.

To expand programs that offer access and affordability to post-secondary education for all students.

To expand programs to assist parents in obtaining a high school diploma or GED


Attended a Washington State Board of Education round table and offer forward thinking to the group. The next day, the Washington state teacher of the year stated at a board luncheon his success is from doing the things I offered the previous evening and will be discussed further down.

Successfully prepared students at Clover Park Technical College to enter the work force as chemical dependency counselors

Successfully engaged students with addiction problems and or gang activity to re-engage in school and successfully graduate high school or obtain GED's.

Collaborated with other programs to hand students from one program to another thus keeping them connected with adults that will guide them; wrap around services helps to assure success.

Assisted clients involved in Child Protective Services to re-enter school,  to obtain GED’s and some continued on to vocational or community colleges

Engaged parents involved in Child Protective Services to enter a pilot program “Parents as the first teachers” to assist the mothers’ in prenatal care and stay with the family until the child turns 3 and starts early head start.

Intervened with teachers and administrators with parents on behalf of students

Intervened for students with teachers and administrators when parents did not speak English

Collaborated with probation officers and other community organizations in helping students reengage in the educational system


Education and preparation is what our country needs to employ people today for a global economy today and tomorrow.

 People in our state have suffered greatly in the last years with a war, mortgage companies unscrupulous home buyers programs, large corporation exporting jobs to other countries and states with low wages. Many families in Washington States 10th Congressional District and the United States have found themselves struggling with foreclosures, layoffs, and the loss of their life savings. This has moved many families from a comfortable middle class or working class to close to poverty, if not in poverty living on food banks and the kindness of others.  If an individual works 40 hours a week or more, they should not be living in homeless shelters yet, many people do today. Will you donate  $5.00 today to assist me in putting an end to this.


This is a heart issue. I believe teachers have a a very difficult job yet I know what needs to be done to get our students successful and it goes to the heart.  Many parents feel it is the teachers responsibility to teach their children and teachers feel parents need to take more responsibility and I think it takes both and more. 

When students are living in an environment that is violent, drug infested, or gang infested where one or both parents work more than 40 hours a week, just to take care of the basic needs, can you please tell me when the parents will have time to do what is needed. When class rooms are too large with difficult students how are the teachers suppose to teach? 

Teachers need to get to know the student, parents need to know the teachers, and students need to know they can truly get help.  "If you don't know me, You can't teach me," says a lot and is a profound statement.

Will you work with me as I continue to work with the state to better prepare our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. A $5.00 donation will go a long way, more will take us further.


Master's level teachers need to be in the most vulnerable schools to teach, educate and train new teachers for two to three years.  When we move to a program that meets the children where they are, we will no longer need Charter schools.

When parents are told their children are gifted and those children are put into the proper classes, we will no longer need charter schools.

When education becomes equal, we will no longer need charter schools.

When parents are heard, we will no longer need charter school.

I believe in Unions and I believe in our teachers BUT i am more passionate about letting teachers teach, students are challenged at their intellectual level, difficult children have a chance at success and all parties work to give our children the education they need to work in a global society. Then, charter Schools will not be needed.



If Washington state will move from a regressive tax state and make large corporation adhere to their contracts for employments in the state for tax incentives would work.  We can not spend what is not here but, when corporations are not held to same standards as small businesses and individuals we will have a country working for us and not against us.

 WILL YOU CONTRIBUTE TODAY to help me build the economy the people of Washington State's 10th Congressional district and the U.S needs and wants.



Historically Black colleges have consistently graduated students highly qualified and prepared for our global economy with studies in Math and Sciences or STEM. Yet two things are happening and need to change.

They are unable to find jobs                                                                                                                                                         They are being paid at a lower pay grades                                                                                                                                         Congress continues to cut funding, for grants and loans

Will you make a financial Contribution to help me fight to fund Historically Black Colleges where many Black students from the 10th Congressional district attend.