Criminal Justice Reform

Congress to set a Standard to Enforce Good Policing Practices and Criminal Justice Reform:

The Department of Justice no longer warns against or opposes volatile allegations of unwarranted police use of deadly force against citizens. Congress must begin to set a higher standard to ensure good policing practices are the principals and values protected under the Constitution. It's apparent the current practices are not working. Additionally, Criminal Justice Reform needs to happen now. I will work to ensure Criminal Justice Reform is a top priority.

I will work passionately to ensure: 

  •  Congress assesses the risk involved in bad policing practices. 
  • Congress works to change laws that will bridge the gap between police and the community. 
  •  Reverence for all human life and safeguarding the life and civil liberties of all people
  •  Tighter wording in laws on the a use of deadly force that afford maximum protection to officers and citizens. 
  • Stop the Pipeline to prison. Stop 21st Century slavery. Close Private Prisons 
  • Reinstate the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, without infringing upon the Second Amendment. 
  •  Embrace as clearly as possible the protection of individual life, liberty, peaceful and stable society is a necessity.
  •  Minorities are not treated disproportionately.

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