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Ms. Ferguson has been lobbying in Olympia and Washington, D.C., since 2011 on issues affecting people of all races, cultures, social economics, jobs, criminal justice systems, wealth inequality, education, wages, improving education for k-12 (thus offering better job preparation), lowering the cost of advanced education, reenacting the Voting Rights Act, Violence Against Women's Act, Active Duty Military, Veterans and their families, and eradicating homelessness. In recent years Ms. Ferguson and those she lobbies with have added universal health care, systemic racism, women's rights, say their names, sex trafficking, voter suppression, gun rights, environmental protection, criminal justice reform, high school to prison pipeline, drug addiction, mental health issues, creating a clean Dream Act and immigration reform that is fair and equal for all people, as well as the 2020 census. We must recognize racism, segregation, bigotry, and hatred of people not like us is a learned behavior and often stems from fear and lack of knowledge. It is a form of fascism used to keep people divided. Together we stand, divided we fall. We must unite and stand as "One nation under God, indivisible, with justice and liberty for all."  That is our power, that is our strength, and united, we can take our country back.

In 2012 Ms. Ferguson, along with three of her sorority sisters, including  their 17th National President, the late Mona Humphries Bailey (former WA state Assistant Superintendent of Public Instruction), had the opportunity to meet Congressman Norm Dicks in his office to speak on issues.  When asked what he needed from us his concerns for veterans and soldiers diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was his first thought.  Ms. Ferguson took the opportunity to tell him about the program at Madigan Army Medical Center, where she volunteered 2200 hours. Ms. Ferguson explained to the Congressman and his staff about the program, both limitations and successes. Congressman Dicks immediately began his investigation of her facts and within 48 hours announced a Congressional Investigation into the Intensive Outpatient Program. What happened to that report? Where are the findings? Why was nothing done to increase outcomes and reinstate the program? 

In 2014 she was appointed Social Action Chair for the Tacoma Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Since serving as Social Action Chair, she has established an impressive network to encourage action and education in working to reduce child sex trafficking in WA state. Sex trafficking continues to grow in our state.  Ms. Ferguson has worked to improve collaboration with other important institutions, including Pacific Lutheran University's Women's Center, Veteran's Center, and other departments. Ms. Ferguson has collaborated with organizations such as Shared Hope International, Pierce County Anti-Trafficking Task force, Faith Action Network, and Washington Housing Alliance. The mission was to bring awareness to its prevalence in not only Washington State, but throughout the United States. Taking a powerful stance with Ms. Ferguson at the helm, the ladies of the Tacoma Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. launched a powerful sex trafficking event at Pacific Lutheran University in the spring of 2015. In 2017, Ms. Ferguson was appointed as State Social Action Coordinator and Regional Social Action Representative for Washington State.

Ms. Ferguson has dedicated her life to helping others. After becoming a chemical dependency counselor working with youth involved in drugs and some involved in gangs, Ms. Ferguson obtained a Master’s degree in Psychology / Marriage and Family Therapy working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, sexual orientations, diverse faiths or lack of, and socioeconomic status. As a licensed minister, humanitarian, and lady who has endured much in her life, Ms. Ferguson feels discrimination of any type does not belong in the halls of justice or Congress. Writing laws and creating a safe space for all people in America is what elected officials from the ground up and top down should be doing. That does not mean creating wars for profit for the wealthy.

 In 2014, Ms. Ferguson volunteered with the Human Services Commission, Basic Needs Program, for the City of Tacoma. There were more than four million dollars of active requested funding, with resources available to distribute to only two million. This is just one of the reasons minimum wage has to increase. When the heads of households are working 40 hours per week and are unable to provide the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter to their families, we have to recognize there is a real problem. The old way simply isn't working. Trickle-down economics is simply not working. Ms. Ferguson will push for living wages with pay increases to match the cost of living adjustments. This is how we put money into the hands of the people and allow them to create wealth, become homeowners and entrepreneurs. 

In the winter of 2014 and fall of 2015, working with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and Pacific Lutheran University, Ms. Ferguson took community leadership  further and launched a Resource Fair & Summit for veterans, spouses and dependents. In 2015, the Resource Fair & Summit included support for incarcerated veterans, to reduce the impacts of recidivism once released. Ms. Ferguson believes  there is a huge gap between veterans and the needed mental health services that lead to systematic legal issues. This would not occur if needed mental health services were available in places where active duty and veterans felt comfortable and safe to attend without repercussions. Our lawmakers need to understand the cost of war is high and does not end when the soldier returns home.

From 2015 to present, Ms. Ferguson has protested against environmental issues such as a proposed largest methanol plant being built on the Tacoma Tide flats, the North Dakota Access Pipeline, and the largest Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant in the world being built on the Tacoma Tide flats. LNG is safe however; the process it must go through to get to that point is extremely unsafe for air quality control and the community within a 3 mile radius. Ms. Ferguson is a strong supporter of union wage jobs, building up the Tacoma Tide flats, but the potential hazards far outweigh the advantages. There are clean energy jobs to fill that need. All money is not good money.   

In 2016, Ms. Ferguson was made aware of the damage the NAFTA trade deal has caused on jobs in America with special emphasis on jobs in Washington State. The then proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Trade deal (TPP)Congress was presenting, was NAFTA on steroids. All of our basic needs would have been impacted to include medication, food, international law suits and much more. Corporations and lobbyists wrote that bill without input from people most impacted. Ms. Ferguson protested this trade agreement across Western Washington and had a trainer come from Seattle to educate people in person and via Facebook Live.  Unfortunately, in 2017 Ms. Ferguson fell twice which severely delayed her campaign however; she continued to plan, educate herself, and be in the community whenever possible. In other words, she has never stopped working for the people. 

For these very reasons, Ms. Ferguson's dedication and commitment has proven her ability to serve Washington State and to represent Washington State as a U.S. Senator. Ms. Ferguson is not accepting or going after large corporate donations where the companies negatively impact our state and nation. Ms. Ferguson was a Bernie delegate in 2016, is running as an Independent for US Senate because she says she will not be a slave to a party or corporations. She is going to DC to work for the people and that will not happen if she is beholden to party politics. Working with the party's, besides the party's but not in the party's will offer greater opportunities for better outcomes.  Working with other progressives across the nation taking on the system will be much easier as an army and that army has already begun. Are you a part of the progressive army. Are you willing to take this battle on with us? Will you join us?  

Will you commit to vote for Gigi by August 7th?  Will you commit to volunteer with Team Gigi? Will you commit to donate $27.00 to Team Gigi to put her in office, to work for all of us?