Add Your Voice: Jennifer wants to hear from you. This week's question: "Have you lost faith in the political system?" If so "Why?"

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No. Never. NOT EVER.

I've never trusted the "system".  I'm 69, I'll be in my 8th decade on November 6, and when I was 12, a man active in Dallas's Republican party talked about who -- WHAT CORPORATIONS -- the county, state and national committees were collecting money from, etc. i never forgot how mad I got as he bragged by my parents about it. I sat there poker faced appearing to be reading the novel, Andersonville. I have trusted NO ONE in office or in any party's machine since then.. .and tht includes Wasserman Schultz and her corporatist Democrats.


SO... Jennifer, my question to YOU is this -- ARE YOU NON-CORPORATE?  Yes or No?  Just one word will do.  Thank you.


Marjenna Gittings

Nationally I feel pretty much like the Democratic party is NOT being democratic.  Besides the way the votes went on the TPP where the committee didn't really side with either of the candidates, to the obvious deviation between exit polls and vote counts, the Nevada caucus not working with the people who wanted to be heard and the last minute rule changes that seemed to give the chair too much power, then the Californian problems with provisional ballots and poor training of poll workers etc, it makes me want to scream.
More locally, do you have flyers for a door-to-door delivery? I will be walking my precinct from the 5th of July until about the 15th of July and would love to add information about your campaign to my stack of fliers.  PCO 319, Marjenna Gittings.

Thank you

Kathleen and Janis: Please check your email; Ms. Ferguson has responded to you both. Thank you for your support. 

I have no money so I am ignored

I write, call, email Denny Heck and my other state, federal, and local reps. I get the party line in response EVERY TIME! I am TIRED of ti! It is time for a candidate that will represent the people NOT their corporate interests!

Democratic Presidential Candidates

I'm curious as to what your stance is on the two candidates and what you think about super delegates.  Would you recommend any changes to the delegate/electoral college system?