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|| Meet Jennifer GiGi Ferguson

Why I Am Running for WA U.S. Senate?

Let me be very blunt and tell you why I am running as a Write In candidate for WA U.S. Senate. We are in drastic times therefore; drastic measures have to be taken to protect jobs, the people, land, water, children and generations to come. Our current Federal elected officials have become corporate owned and no longer fight for the people. It is apparent by their support of the TPP, TPIP, NAFTA, and free trade. They no longer understand the issues and the people. Our new President will be selecting 4 new Supreme Court Justices. We need people in the Senate to represent the people and not corporations. We need people who can not be bought. We need Jennifer Gigi Ferguson. I have prioritized my life to serve people of all backgrounds, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Senator Murray's once excellent work has all be negated by her votes for free trade costing loss of jobs to thousands in WA and millions in America. The trickle down effect is apparent in the increase of joblessness, homelessness, and hunger. People are not lazy, they can not find jobs to support their families. We can no longer afford to have elected officals working for corporations and not the people.

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Vote Jennifer GiGi Ferguson, People Before Politics.  

1. Jennifer is a passionate voice for our small businesses; she believes they are a vital part of our economic structure. With experience as business owner, she knows the trials and triumphs. Jennifer will work for economic development without sacrificing environment, health and safety.

7. Jennifer is committed to reclaiming the Republic-a form of government where power is vested in the people, not corporations. End Citizens United and Reinstate a 21st century Glass Stegall Act.

2. Jennifer is a champion for the safety, protection and rights of all people. Discrimination of any type is wrong. Black Lives Matter, too. Immigration must be equitable and humane. Our judicial system should be equitable and humane so legal 21st century must end; private prisons must go. Equal pay for equal work.

8. Jennifer believes education is a vital key in assuring America's future. All children deserve a great income no matter the zip code. Free college tuition for state schools with income less than $150,000 a year.

3. The U.S. Constitution protects the rights of the people by protecting them from false imprisonment, ensuring their right to vote, and due process under the law. Jennifer believes our government has forgotten this and needs people invested in the people who will charge forward to stop the violatiion of our rights. Jennifer will continue to be a champion to fight for the rights of the people.

9. Jennifer comes from five generations of veterans, and without a doubt believes a strong military defense is important. She also believes war should be the last resort an no more wars for profit. As a retired Vietnam Veteran's wife, mother of a son who has served in Iraq, and one currently serving, Jennifer believes it is no longer enough to simply tell our Veterans, “thank you for serving." Jennifer believes the VA has come a long way but, it still falls very short. She believes the reduction in military force is needed to sustain our economic viability and home security however; Jennifer believes the answer is in our government achknowledging the high price of war for the tax payers.>

4. Jennifer will work to protect America's unions without compromising public safety. Unions were created to protect employees and created a middle class.

10. Jennifer will fight for peace, jobs, justice and government accountability.

5. Jennifer will fight for a better way to move people from government assistance, crime and mass incarceration, to build a stronger America.

11. Jennifer will bring innovative solutions to reduce government spending and budget deficits across the board. She will work to invest in a much needed green infrastructure.

6. Jennifer will not stand for Social Security being taken away. Social Security is not negotiable and must be removed from the bargaining table. People have paid for Social Security and Congress needs to remove their hands from the pot.

12. Jennifer is direct and on the forefront. Jennifer will join the most progressive Democrats in order to work for you in Washington.

June 14, 2016: In a three minute address to Tacoma City Council, Jennifer GiGi Ferguson addressed several issues, including the community’s concern regarding the type of industries coming to the Port of Tacoma. Jennifer encouraged the council to take action and think outside the box.